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Cotronei & Surroundings

AGRO 2Situated on a rock overlooking the spacious valley of the river Neto, Cotronei represents one of the most important touristic centres of Crotone's Province. As is seems, its foundation is to be attributed to the inhabitants of antique Kroton who intended to settle there, providing military defence for the neighbouring territory.
1291 King Ferdinando II of Svevia delivered the village to the monks of San Giovanni in Fiore to end up in the hands of the monastery "Tre Fanciulli" (Three boys) of Caccuri afterwards. From the eighteenth century on Cotronei faced various changing fortunes: first it became a land propriety of the family Ruffo to be passed over to the family of the Baron Morano and, in the end, to become a propriety of the family Filomarino. In the beginning of the nineteenth century the neighbouring woods became a hideout for the "briganti" (bandits) and, as a consequence of resistance, Cotronei has been several times set on fire.

ZIO GIACINTO A CAVALLOThe old town centre, characterized by narrow lanes, still keeps the main church San Nicola (St. Nicklaus, saint patron of the village) and the "Palazzo Verga" both that are very much worth visiting. Moreover, not far away from the town centre, situated on a freestanding area of the location called "Catuso", one can admire, at the end of an alley made out of river stones and surrounded by cypress trees, the "Cappella Verga" (private family chapel), a construction of the late nineteenth century.
Thus, "Palazzo Verga", today, is located in the calm and suggestive old town centre of Cotronei, a mall village near to the mountain parts  of Crotone(Sila). Therefore,  not being inundated by mass tourism, it is also a perfect place for those who do appreciate a serene and calm way of life, typical for small towns.

DIGAThe hydroelectric centrals of "Timpagrande" and "Calusia" represent two historic structures inaugurated between 1927 and 1930. Hence, they do also reflect in a significant way the history of the village and of its development. Indeed, it was during the inauguration of the hydroelectric central of "Timpagrande" that King Vittorio Emanuele III visited "Palazzo Verga" as a plaque in marble, kept in the inner courtyard of "Palazzo Verga," still serves to remind.

SILACotronei is a perfect place from where it is easily possible to reach the marvellous coasts of the Ionian sea and the deep green wood of the Sila's mountains. The seaside, characterized by a variety of different beaches, bids welcome for a bath from May until October and if it was not for the view over the infinity  of the sea to remind you otherwise, the mountain's scenery with its skiing stations in the winter would make you forget that you find yourself at one of the most Southern parts of Europe.

MAREAlso a perfect location for excursions of every sort: As the touristic - cultural places as the little villages of the hinterland, some of them real hidden treasuries, as well do only wait to be explored. Moreover, in several moments of the year, one can also assist with the numerous cultural initiatives proposed by the Municipality of Cotronei and also of those of the neighbouring villages.

There is only the embrace of choice and "Palazzo Verga" will be glad to assist its guests in organizing their stay in a appropriate and individual way to enjoy this beautiful place the most.







































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